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Corporate History
For over 50 years Sell has been meeting the challenges of the world‘s leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers, developing and producing a full range of galleys and galley inserts — responding to ever changing needs.

Historical milestones
1954: „Sell Haus- und Küchentechnik“ was taken over by the Burger Eisenwerke and became a subsidiary Company.
1955: First delivery of an Aircraft Galley (Super Constellation for Deutsche Lufthansa).
1958: First delivery of an Aircraft Galley (Super Constellation for Deutsche Lufthansa).
1972: The Burger Eisenwerke AG merges with the BUDERUS AG
1987: Foundation of the Buderus Sell GmbH as an Independent subsidiary within the BUDERUS AG.
1989: Foundation of the Buderus Sell Corporation, Seattle, WA.
1990: Start of Galley Production in a second plant in Ludwigshütte, Germany (close to our Headquarter in Herborn).
1993: DASELL in Hamburg starts production of all Lavatories for Airbus Aeroplanes.
1997: Britax acquires the Buderus Sell GmbH.
2000: Sell starts production of Rumbold Boilers Coffee/Beverage Makers and Ovens.
2002: Delivery of the 25,000th Galley Unit (for Continental Airlines B767-400).
2003: Britax Sell GmbH & Co. OHG is legally changed into Sell GmbH.
2005: Delivery of the 30,000th Galley Unit (for Virgin Atlantic A340-600).
2008: Delivery of the 35,000th Galley Unit to Finnair for an A340-300. aircraft
2008: Sell opens a new galley inserts facility in Burg.

As the market leader, Sell has naturally evolved to meet the changing requirements of an ever-expanding customer base. The company’s record for reliability is as strong as its ability to respond to new market conditions.


  • Boeing - Wide Bodies: all models incl. MD-11
  • Boeing - Narrow Bodies: all models incl. MD-80 and MD-90
  • Airbus - Wide Bodies: all models
  • Airbus - Narrow Bodies: all models
  • Various other models such as Fairchild Dornier, Fokker, CASA, etc.

Crew Rests

  • Main Deck Crew Rests: B747-400, A340-300/-500/-600, MD-11
  • Lower Deck Crew Rests A340-300/-500/-600

Special Products

  • Privacy Dividers for F/C Seats
  • Video Control Centres
  • Bar Units
  • V.I.P. Shower- and Wash Rooms
  • Stair Houses

Galley Inserts

  • Convection Ovens (ATLAS, KSSU, Customised)
  • Steam Ovens (ATLAS, KSSU, Customised)
  • Mini Ovens, Bun Warmers, Plate Warmers
  • Ice Containers
  • Coffee Makers, Beverage Makers, Water Boilers
Sell GmbH


Sell GmbH
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D-35745 Herborn

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Fax +49 (0) 2772 707 104

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